Our strategy

4 situations were identified among our customers


Know nothing, do nothing but put some plasters to maintain the current system


Forget the past and rewrite it all from scratch


Delegate the programs and their maintenance to third party


Let’s find a software that does it all

Experience has shown that a minimum of 60% of effort turns out to be a waste of money, time, and resources

as the gap from A to B proves much harder to bridge.

And what is in it for GCT Consulting?

Bridging the gap between Old A and New B

  How ?

With one approach

  • Managing the legacy applications as long as necessary
  • Defining the new ideal solutions
  • Defining a progressive, step by step evolution, while avoiding a big bang approach
  • Participating at the implementation of the new solution (by controlling the change)

By developing synergies between teams

  • Seasoned IT specialists handling the old legacy applications
  • Highly knowledgeable technical consultants positioned to manage new technologies

Our Strategy – Step-By-Step approach

  • We offer Knowledge a complete and in-depth Step-By-Step approach
  • We Deliver knowledge and expertise with the right expert at the right level
  • We ensure customer success
Our strategy